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Why iPhone water damage is for data recovery only

The most complicated issue to explain to a customer is that iPhone water damage will always be repaired for the purpose of data recovery only.

When carrying out any proven method of repair. it’s important to provide a warranty, ensuring customers the work carried out is protected.With the unpredictability of water damage, this is not possible.

How an iPhone reacts after water damage

Once water has entered any type of device, corrosion effects a variety of different circuits to stop a phone from functioning correctly. In severe cases it will not work at all. Even after spending many hours getting an iPhone powered using a variety of different micro soldering techniques, it will dramatically reduce the iPhone’s long term stability.

While the power, image, touch and charging functions can be restored for the purpose data recovery. Using a water damaged iPhone for an extended period of time after rework may include but are not limited to.

  • Loss of signal
  • Battery drain
  • Loss of camera functionality
  • Nand Failure

It is advised to get all data recovered from of the device as soon as possible. While the water damage is nearly impossible if not totally impossible to recover from fully. It is achievable to repair the main functions to ensure data recovery.

For further information about iPhone water damage repairs. Pricing and estimated turnaround times are accessible using the link below.

iPhone Water Damage Repair