iPhone 6s Plus - No Touch: ISPI_AP_TO_TOUCH_CS_CONN_L

iPhone 6s Plus – No Touch: SPI_AP_TO_TOUCH_CS_CONN_L

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iPhone 6s Plus – No Touch: SPI_AP_TO_TOUCH_CS_CONN_L

Customer fault report:

Customer attempted to open the iPhone to replace the battery. Origional screen would no longer work. Tried new screen but no longer has touch function.

Initial diagnosis

  • No water damage
  • Signs of long screw damage in Centre screwhole
  • Burnt out filter on PP_LCM_BL34_ANODE (FL4291)

In most instances of No Touch function on the 6s plus, the lines to look at are PP5V1_TOUCH_VDDH and PP1V8_TOUCH. If you have no faults on these lines the issue can be much worse. In this case the device was unrepairable.


Figure 1 is SPI_AP_TO_TOUCH_CS_CONN_L. This line is critical for touch function. If this happens to be shorted  to ground and everything else appears to look visually good. The problem will lie under the CPU.


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